Our destinations

Porto Pollo

Porto Pollo is located on the north coast of Sardinia, and is one of Europe's best windsurfing spots! It offers you golden beaches, rocky shores and turquoise waters.


The winds Tramontana, Maestrale, Ponente and Scirocco blow all year round with strengths between 4 and 8 Bft and offer best conditions for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced.


Due to its sheltered position flat water near the beach is guaranteed, even in strong wind. And If you seek some adventure a little further out you can enjoy the waves.

San Teodoro

San Teodoro, famous for its famous white beach and turquoise sea, is located on the east coast a few km south of Olbia, easily and quickly reachable from the port and airport.
In the 2022 season, thanks to the collaboration with L'Isuledda Beach, in addition to the beach services equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, we also offer the possibility of renting motor boats with or without a skipper, suitable for every type of your need, for fun and pleasant trips of Tavolara and Molara.
La Cinta, Brandinchi, also called small Tahiiti, Lu Impostu, the pools of Molara, "his majesty" Tavolara and many other splendid locations, from now on it is possible to find the right dinghy for your needs and spend a day 100% immersed in nature!


Sa Rocca Tunda is located, few kilometers from Oristano, within the marine protected area of San Vero Milis and the island of Mal di Ventre, it is a corner of nature still well preserved, natural and essential, far from the large crowds. It overlooks a splendid beach of light and soft sand, characterized by a wide and long beach bathed by a beautiful transparent and crystalline sea, with seabeds that gently slope towards the open sea.


Ideal for those seeking relaxation, slow rhythms, in fact, in the vicinity there are the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean, Putzu Idu, Capo Mannu, Mari Ermi, Funtana Mejga, S'Archittu, world-famous destinations for the incredible ocean quality waves  that merge in an exceptional naturalistic context , where uncontaminated landscapes with fauna and flora of incomparable beauty, make it a magical place.


"Voltri, the “industrae” where the wind reigns": this nineteenth century saying says a lot about the potential of the location. Near the major northern Italian cities and easily accessible by highways, Voltri - with its diverse conditions - offers fun for both beginners and experts. 

The dominant winds are the “tramontana” and the ”scirocco”. The first blows with good consistency from September to May, offering offshore conditions, flat water near the coast and more choppy further offshore. Ideal for everyone from hardcore "freestylers" to "slalomers" in search of the best performances and “freeriders” looking for pure fun.

The scirocco is a less common, but when it arrives it offers side-on starboard conditions and is truly an entertaining steady wind. With beach breaks from beginner to intermediate level the scirocco is ideal for kiters and "bump and jump" conditions

Who are we?

Dear water sports friends ,


Also this year we would like to welcome you from the sunny Italy! SURF STAR is a windsurf, kite and sailing school from GENOA VOLTRI that was founded in 1995. In the meantime, we are also on the beautiful Mediterranean island Sardinia with centers in PORTO POLLO and SAN TEODORO, two of the most important surf spots of the island. Here sun, beach and especially best wind conditions are awaiting you for a successful water sports experience!

 Our courses go from Easter to Autumn and are in the form of weekly, daily and private lessons , as well as "all-inclusive camps ".

Our material is always up to date and suited for all levels.

Our VDWS and FIV licensed instructors provide the best conditions for rapid training progress.

 In addition to a stay in our SURF HOUSE we are also selling accommodation of any kind

(camping, apartment, cottage).


We are looking forward to see you!


The Surf Star team

Our mission

Watersport is not just a sport! It is a combination of nature and man. Water, wind, waves and sun are part of the daily routine of a watersportsman. For us water is a culture and most importantly a way of life. We see it as our task to transmit the lifestyle. Our founding members are anchored from birth with the maritime culture and therefore our educational claim. We would like to invite you to participate, a and get a sense of the life out and on the water to  achieve more joyful and effective learning outcomes.


To intensify this claim, we offer windsurf and kite camps. Through an extended stay in one of our camps with a  group of like minded people arises an amazing common motivation for the same cause. Start  the day together, exchange ideas, learn together, eat, drink and have fun! Because in our eyes physical well-being is just as important as the sport. And do not forget we are in Italy! The original Italian cuisine awaits you. Our motto: SURFING & LA DOLCE VITA


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