Genova Voltri

"Voltri, the “industrae” where the wind reigns": this nineteenth century saying says a lot about the potential of the location. Near the major northern Italian cities and easily accessible by highways, Voltri - with its diverse conditions - offers fun for both beginners and experts.

The dominant winds are the “tramontana” and the ”scirocco”. The first blows with good consistency from September to May, offering offshore conditions, flat water near the coast and more choppy further offshore. Ideal for everyone from hardcore "freestylers" to "slalomers" in search of the best performances and “freeriders” looking for pure fun.

The scirocco is a less common, but when it arrives it offers side-on starboard conditions and is truly an entertaining steady wind. With beach breaks from beginner to intermediate level the scirocco is ideal for kiters and "bump and jump" conditions.