The SurfStar crew

Eugenio Patrone


Who loves these types of sport, needs wind, but if you find wind when your born, in a place with the saying: “ Voltri, l’industre dove il vento regna” everything becomes easier, almost a must! Eugenio Patrone aka “Enio began his career as a "water man" in these waters. Great lover and water sport addict in 1985 began to appear in the windsurfing world. First Voltri then Tarifa, France, the Canary Islands, Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, Africa, to end his journey in Sardinia. Where he has been an ambassador of the sport since 15 years now, for young and old, lovers or just curious to try the feeling of riding. Federal Italian instructor FIV and VDWS instructor, allow him and his crew to ensure teaching standards and high safety with a guaranteed appreciated result!

Anna Moebus


Anna is the contact and responsible for all our German guests and since 2013 is part of the Surf Star team. She lives in Cologne and is from an old sailors’s family. In 2015 she acquired the VDWS sailing and catamaran license which to allowed her to teach in her mother language to our both sail and windsurf beginners. In 2014 she launched the first partnership with a German watersports center doing the first step of our kite and windsurfing camp in the off season period. Anna is our representative in Germany and its due to her continued participation in fairs and watersport events, that SurfStar is present in the German market.

Diego Filippini


Diego, was born in Verona, just steps from the Garda Lake, therefore, it's a short step to get to know sailing and the world around it. From dinghy to cruises, he spent the last 15 years of his life to live within the sailing world. From the first experiences in the various schools surrounding the Garda lake to a manager in a base of a large sailing center till finally become to manage our center of San Teodoro. Expert seaman, sailor and windsurfer, graduated VDWS and GLENANS with the guys of his staff, is waiting in the bay of San Teodoro to share the passion of the sea and nature!    



Maxim, growing up in a real watersport family it didn’t took long to become passionate with the lifestyle. Studying Sport Management his dream is to make a living out of his passion. Having the luck to be raised with a lot disciplines he became a sailing instructor at the age of 16. The year after that followed his true passion and he joined the SurfStar family where he has been ever since!



Pietro, coming from a family with seafaring traditions, develops a passion for the sea while growing up because he is a Voltrese DOC! Still young but with a past as a swimmer and water polo player, will be finishing his studies as an engineer marine officer and is already convinced that this element is his greatest passion. And it is thanks to his mentor Enio that once taken him under his wing, and taught him everything he knows today, is now able to share with the students.



Luca, is passionate about windsurfing in 2013 at Tramontana Voltri Surf Performs his first lessons with instructor Alberto. Self-taught and ever-growing windsurfing. He likes to play in slalom and regattas. Lover of the sea, Skipper and professional in yacht management this year will be Operational in the Costa Smeralda where it can divide between work and passion. Freshly patented VDWS is responsible for Porto Pollo's Surf Star to make its own Windsurfing desire and its capabilities'.